Mangapapa Hotel

World-class boutique accommodation.

Refurbished Beyond Its Former Glory

The complete refurbishment of this historic, two storey, boutique hotel and its cottages required extensive internal and external remodeling. Modernisation of the buildings during this project was also carried out to meet today’s guests more discerning tastes.

The Client Experience

Having client’s whose first language is not English creates a new dynamic to the construction process.  Gemco managed exceptionally well in being able to provide detailed information on expenditure and other pertinent information so that the client was fully aware and understood each stage of the construction process. Being able to meet and exceed client expectations has created an enduring relationship between Gemco and Mangapapa.

Mangapapa won Best New/ Redeveloped Accommodation in the Hospitality NZ Awards 2016


The Construction Manager Experience

Having three different work areas completed ahead of schedule requires exceptional planning.  To meet deadlines and manage subcontractors effectively our Construction Managers plan weeks in advance, but also have the ability to adapt and think on their feet.  Being a solution based company, Gemco has no shortage of knowledge and skill to push through any challenge.

It was a magnificent project, justified money, and you’re going to read a lot about Mangapapa in the future

David Thompson, General Manager, Mangapapa Hotel


The fit out of the lodge incorporated walnut paneling to the bar lounge room, removal of internal walls allowing for a more open plan feel, a complete internal and external repaint, installation of new wall coverings, carpet, and new bathroom fittings to all guest rooms.

When you’ve got to make something to fit what you can’t buy anymore, that does bring out the true craftsmanship

Chris Olsen, Construction Manager, Gemco