Kitchen 7

Modern teak.

The clients knew they wanted a fresh, modern space with clean lines and a statement island. There was a lot to consider with the expanse of the kitchen, the scullery that was to be left open, the large bench-height window, radiators under the island and an oak timber floor. The space was therefore broken up with the use of the teak cabinets that were a contrast to the floor and had the black grain to tie with the charcoal paint finish.

This same timber was used in other built in furniture elsewhere in the space, so the cabinets themselves feel more like pieces of furniture. The stainless steel benchtops and toe spaces incorporate the appliances into the overall scheme, rather than as standalone pieces.

The window placement and associated view lead to the choice of a wall coloured splash back behind the hob, so as to not compete with the feature window and gives the wall an asymmetric look.

In contrast, the charcoal splash back in the scullery is a dramatic backdrop to the stainless appliances and chrome tapware. The island has no timber or stainless accents which allow the bench top be the hero piece.