Our philosophy is to recruit on attitude and ability.

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We are always looking for great people to join our team

Whether or not we are actively hiring, we keep an eye out for the very best people to join the Gemco team. Outstanding skill and experience are essential, and so is the right attitude.

It’s the right attitude that will take you places.

Darren Diack, Gemco Managing Director

Building the Best

From buildings to careers – Gemco builds the best. We use an excellent recruitment process to identify people who are the right fit for us. If you think you have what it takes to join the team, we’re keen to hear from you. Meet some of our team below, hear what they think about working at Gemco.

Hayden Earl - Quantity Surveyor / Project Manager

“Gemco have all the tiers of management throughout… they are very professional in what they do…. Having a good culture gives the Client a surety that there’s going to be a quality job done, because you actually do care. There are opportunities to move; to progress in your career. You get as much support as you need. You are not really wanting working for Gemco, they look after you.”

Chris Olsen - Construction Manager

“The culture of the company is personable, its one-on-one, its collective as a team, family is a priority for us… There’s the ability and chance for everyone to grow themselves, through courses, and the experienced people that are around them, and the Directors are very good at utilising those people in the right areas”

Stephen Price - Apprentice Carpenter

“The support I get from Gemco is amazing… the morale at Gemco is massive. You can go to any site and instantly get on with all the other builders. We work very hard and we get rewards from it. I love coming to work every day.”

Aaron McGrail - Carpenter

“The way everybody sort of looks after you, everybody’s very approachable. You feel welcomed I suppose, and you’re not just another number. You’re part of something good so it makes you happy to come to work everyday.”

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